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           A (non toxic) game of combinations, places and time. To the public is presented a challenge in time and space: the city of Porto Alegre is the stage where six given places will hold audiovisual interventions. In each of these sites a pre-recorded musical vignette with different sounds resulting from the reprocessing of audio segments will be in play. These vignettes will be illustrated by performances that will use many means of expression such as dance, theatre and circus, envolving thus many artists from Porto Alegre's scene.

           The vignettes will span five minutes each and will be played in pre-stablished schedules during six days, one vignette a day.

           The seventh day will be reserved for a performance where Club d'Essai will play rhythmic pieces over these vignettes, giving each one of them its definitive format, which will be registered in a CD called Interlude, that will be released in this day. This performance will be opened by a video with all the performances that occurred during the week.

Soon more detais about this project:
  • Release party
  • Map with places and schedules
  • Time and place of the CD's release show
  • vignettes in Real Audio
  • Details of the performances - who and what?

  • Interlude's premiere is scheduled for April, 2000

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