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(All events take place in Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil,
except when stated otherwise)


  • 27th, sun - 8h PM

    Club d'Essai at the
    MULTIPLE-X / 2002

    with the show
    Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear
    Opening act: Fergal Dowling (Ireland)
    with a video by Marcelo Gobatto

    MULTIPLE-X is an international festival that promotes transdisciplinary interchanges, aiming at the dissolution of the barriers between the different means of artistic expression through modern music. Produced by the Center for the Interaction between Music, Technology and Contemporary Arts and Goethe Institut, MULTIPLE-X features acts from five countries in four days of activities, offering shows, workshops and lectures to the audience.

    At the Goethe Institut Auditorium (24 de Outubro, 112).
    R$ 10,00. Further information at

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