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(Atuais integrantes e colaboradores)
Main Collaborators

NII - Pseudonym for Munir Klamt, frequent collaborator in the creation of electronic bases, videos and advertising material for the group, besides taking part in the direction of projects and shows.

Iria Isabel Barcellos - Responsible for many vocal performances vocais of the group, as in the piece "Fonetic Frequency" from the show Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear, in the workshop project Music in Junk and in the soundtrack for the show Water Manifest.

Ary Coelho - Ballet dancer, with many guest appearances in Club d'Essai projects and vice-versa, signs the production of many performances in common.

Paulo Beto (Anvil FX) - Central-brazilian musician and composer, author of different electronic pieces used as basis for compositions of the group.

Abrigo do Som Studios - Responsible for the sound production of the group's shows.

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