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(All events take place in Porto Alegre - RS/Brazil,
except when stated otherwise)


  • 9th, 10th and 11th, tue-wed-thu

    Club d'Essai at LUCKY STRIKE LAB

       A multicultural event, with shows and interactive workshops
       music · image (video/photo) · visual arts · fashion

    Presenting its sound research based in junk material, Club d'Essai is one of the five groups selected in Brazil for the event's music area. The public will be able to check each sound piece individually in stereophonic booths.

    Warehouse 6 at the Docks (Av. Rodrigues Alves, s/nº. Rio de Janeiro - RJ/Brazil). Further information at

  • March

  • 11th, monday - 6:30 PM
    With its concrete music research and multimedia performance, with rhythms generated over junk and electronically deconstructed musical fragments, Club d'Essai is a rarity in the southern brazilian scene.
    Bassoonist at the Porto Alegre Symphonic Orchestra (OSPA) and pianist at his own group, Fábio Mentz was among the musicians selected for the project "Cartografia Musical Brasileira" of Itaú Cultural in 2001, recording his compositions for the first time. The show at Santander Cultural debuts the meeting of both.
    Santander Cultural (7 de setembro 1028, Praça da Alfândega). R$ 10,00, with 50% off for students, elderly people and Santander clients

  • February

  • 27th, wednesday - 9:00 PM
       Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear
    Sala Álvaro Moreira (Érico Veríssimo, 307). Free

  •   2001

  • 10th, monday
    Club d'Essai on Brazilian TV
    00:00 PM - live interview at 'Jornal do Almoço' news (RBS TV- RS)
    02:00 PM - feature at 'College na TV' show (Band - RS)
    06:00 PM - live interview at 'Radar' show (TVE - RS)

  • 11th and 12th, tue-wed - 9:00 PM
       Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear
    Sesc Theatre (Alberto Bins, 665). R$ 10,00, with 50% off for students and members of the Zero Hora newspaper subscribers' club

  • November

  • 9th, friday - 9:00 PM
       Banco do Brasil Cultural Circuit
       performances by Club d'Essai, Fernanda Abreu and
       Margarete Menezes
    Salão de Atos da UFRGS (Paulo Gama, 110).

  • October

  • 31st, wednesday - 21:00
       Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear
    Sala Álvaro Moreira (Érico Veríssimo, 307).
    R$ 10,00, with 50% off for students

  • 10th, wednesday - 8:00 PM
       "The Patience of Jô"
       vernissage by visual artist Cavalcanti, with
       soundtrack performed live by Club d'Essai
    Museu Ruth Schneider (Passo Fundo - RS/Brazil). Free

  • September

  • 19th, wednesday - 9:00 PM
       Performance at the
       Porto Alegre em Cena Spaceship
    Largo da Epatur (Travessa do Carmo, no number). Free

  • 7th, 8th and 9th, sex-sat-sun - 8:00 PM
       Distilling Sensibility
       Dance show by ballet dancer Ary Coelho, with
       soudtrack played live by Club d'Essai
    Teatro de Câmara Túlio Piva (República, 575). Free

  • 5th, wednesday - 8:00 PM
       Water Manifest
       Pre-première of the São Paulo performer
       Nathalie Fari's show with Club d'Essai
    Sesc Consolação (Dr. Vilanova, 245 - Vila Buarque, São Paulo - SP/Brazil). Free

  • August

  • 30th, thursday - 5:00 PM
       Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear
       Show at the anniversary of Júlio de Castilhos School
       (Julinho) for students, teachers and authorities
    Júlio de Castilhos School (Pça. Piratini, no number). Free

  • May

  • 15th, tuesday - 8:40 PM (doors closed at 9:00 PM)
       Première of Fast Concert for a Blow in the Ear
       and opening of Club d'Essai's new web site.

       Special guests:
       - Antônio Nunes (Ex-Machina)
       - Camaleão Puppet Theatre Group

    At the Goethe Institut Auditorium (24 de Outubro, 112).
    Early ticket sale at Bar do Goethe for R$ 5,00 each,
    and before the show for R$ 10,00 each with 50% off for students.

  • April
  • 27th, friday - 11:00 PM
       Show at the end of the
       13ª Porto Alegre Puppet Theatre Convention
       Première of members Leandro Ourique and
       Mariangela Migliavaca
    Teatro do Museu do Trabalho (Andradas Street, 834). R$ 2,00

  •   2000

    Première of
    05 min. 00 seg.

    October 1st to 7th

    further information at

    Club d'Essai's end-of-millenium party!
  • Release of the official web site, with local access
  • Release of the Ensaio fanzine, with free distribution
  • Exhibition of Club d'Essai photos and videos
  • Listening of Concrete Music
  • Electro-jazz-ambient sound with DJ Lecster
  • Merchandising for sale
  • December 16th, 1999, 07:00 PM
    Versátil Fashion Café
    Rua Tomaz Flores, 134 - Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil.


  • 19th
       Show of the german band Einstürzende Neubauten.
       Opening act: Club d'Essai
    Bar Opinião (José do Patrocínio, 834). R$ 10,00
    Show photos   Show comments

  • 9th
       Preview of Einstürzende Neubauten's show
       with exhibition of the Liebeslieder video-documentary
       and a performance by Club d'Essai
    Goethe Institut (24 de Outubro, 112). R$ 5,00
    Show photos  

  • August

  • 27th
       Performance and interview at the Instruments program
       of Radio 103.3 Unisinos FM

  • July

  • 22nd
       Performance in the project "Brasil 500"
       in Santa Maria/RS - Brazil
    Newspaper article

  • May

  • 14th
       Show at the (now late) Terreira da Tribo
       de Atuadores Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz
    (José do Patrocínio Street, 527).

  • 7th
       Show at the Subjazz bar
    (Protásio Alves, 133).
    Show photos

  •   1998
    (Solo shows and festivals)
  • 17/12 - Interactive Culture Show, Usina do Gasômetro Show photos
  • 15/11 - Mix Bazaar, Usina do Gasômetro Show photos
  • 13/11 - BPM Festival, Garagem Hermética Show photos
  • 09/10 - Heaven Café Show photos
  • 01/08 - Heaven Café
  • 31/07 - Heaven Café Show photos
  • 24/07 - Heaven Café
  • 18/07 - 10.000 and one nights, Usina do Gasômetro
  • 10/07 - Electronic Party, Garagem Hermética bar
  • 04/07 - Masquerade Ball
  • 25/06 - French Alliance

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